Terms & Conditions

                                                                                                                                                                                                We are delighted to have the opportunity to provide you with a welcoming and secure environment during your travel experience. To ensure clarity and mutual understanding, we kindly ask you to review the following terms and conditions attentively. Should you have any inquiries or uncertainties, please do not hesitate to seek clarification as we aim to make your journey a resounding success.


When traveling with us, we kindly request that you adhere to the following guidelines:
– Maintain flexibility in the face of changing circumstances and adjusted itineraries.
– Embrace and respect diverse cultures, including interactions with local individuals and fellow travelers.
– Show consideration for local traditions, customs, and ways of life.
– Demonstrate politeness and openness in your interactions with fellow travelers, guides, drivers, and any individuals encountered during the trip.
– Refrain from engaging in activities involving illegal substances.


At WOWMOROCCO.COM, we act as intermediaries to curate the best possible itinerary in Morocco tailored to your preferences, tastes, and physical capabilities. Our services encompass booking accommodations, transportation, entry tickets, guides, activities, and a variety of programs offered at competitive rates.


Upholding your privacy is of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to ensuring that your privacy is upheld and respected at all times.


Our rates are consistently displayed in USD, EUROS, and GBP and include both Sales Tax and Service Charge.


Payments are to be exclusively made via Money order. Credit card payments will incur a 5% processing fee. Kindly provide a copy of the money order or deposit confirmation upon payment initiation.
– 50% of the total payment is due upon booking (non-refundable deposit).
– A further 20% of the remaining payment is required one month before your arrival.
– The remaining 30% payment is expected upon arrival.


In the event of a cancellation, kindly notify Wow Morocco via email at wm[@]wowmorocco.com. Cancellation charges will be applicable as outlined below on a per-person basis:
– 45 days or more before the departure date: Non-Refundable Booking deposit and applicable cancellation fees.
– 44-31 days before the departure date: 50% of the land package cost post deduction of the deposit.
– Less than 30 days before departure or in case of a ‘NO SHOW’ on the tour: 100% of the total tour cost.


Securing comprehensive travel insurance is mandatory for all bookings made with us. It is your responsibility to obtain a travel insurance policy that covers all aspects of your tour, including cancellation costs, medical assistance, personal injury, illness, delays, repatriation, loss or damage to personal belongings, personal liability, and legal expenses. Additionally, ensure that your insurance encompasses all planned activities, particularly those of higher risk.


Force Majeure encompasses unforeseeable events such as war, civil unrest, terrorist activities, natural disasters, adverse weather conditions, government actions, and other similar occurrences that may impact the execution of our services. We shall not be held liable or provide compensation for any losses incurred due to circumstances categorized under Force Majeure.


We act as agents for domestic flight reservations within the respective country. Your contract will be with the principal service provider identified at the time of reservation, and their terms and conditions will govern your domestic flight booking. Note that these flights are separate from the tour package arranged through us.


We do not assume liability for any loss or damage to luggage, personal items, passports, or other documents, nor for any resulting consequential loss. Our staff and agents are not authorized to take responsibility for their safekeeping. It is strongly advised that you acquire insurance to cover potential loss or damage to personal belongings.


Should you have any specific needs for your trip, please inform us in advance. Note that special requirements are not included in the standard rate. Additional charges for special requests, if any, will be communicated to you.


Clients are responsible for ensuring they are informed about relevant passport and visa requirements, allowing sufficient time for processing. Note that some countries mandate that passports remain valid for at least six months beyond the stay period. Clients must comply with current passport, visa, and health requirements and carry all necessary documents for entry to countries on the tour. Any costs, losses, or damages resulting from failure to obtain required passports, visas, or vaccinations are the sole responsibility of the client.


Policies regarding children vary among hotels, including accommodation sharing, age restrictions, pricing, and meal rates. Specific details, such as discounts and access to facilities, will be confirmed at booking time. Clients should inquire about all relevant information when making reservations.


Accommodation standards in Morocco vary and should be assessed based on local norms. If unsure about the suitability of facilities, transport, or conditions in Morocco, clients are advised to inquire in writing, as we cannot be held responsible for failing to meet requirements. While efforts will be made to accommodate reasonable requests, they are not guaranteed.


To ensure the comfort of all participants, smoking is prohibited during lectures or on buses. Adequate stops will be made to accommodate smokers along the way.


Efforts are made to ensure smooth holiday arrangements; however, should issues arise, inform the tour guide promptly for resolution. Alternatively, contact us at +212666671515 or via email at wm[@]wowmorocco.com. Unresolved complaints should be reported within 30 days post-return. A concise, detailed letter will expedite our response. Failure to report complaints locally may impact your rights under the booking.




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