WowMorocco Frequently Asked Questions to Explore Morocco.

Consider packing comfortable attire suitable for walking and car rides. For upscale dining experiences, it’s recommended to include a selection of smart outfits. Opt for light clothing, sandals, and sunglasses during the summer months. To show respect for the local culture, women should steer clear of sleeveless tops and shorts that go above the knees. During winter, be prepared for colder temperatures by bringing a reliable coat, layered clothing, and suitable footwear for walking long distances, as Morocco’s weather can fluctuate significantly throughout the day.

Absolutely, the majority of upscale 4 and 5-star guesthouses offer WiFi connectivity. In the event that WiFi is not available in the rooms, it is typically accessible in the lobby area. Should staying connected online during your excursions be crucial, obtaining a local SIM card is advisable. This way, procuring affordable 3G data that remains usable as long as there is cellular network coverage becomes a seamless process.

Consider utilizing the laundry services provided by many riads, especially during extended stays in larger cities. Prices for this service may differ depending on the riad, thus it is advisable to inquire about the specifics at your accommodation.

Included in your tour price are tips for portage and meals. In the case of a Half Board tour, where dinner is part of the package, the tip for dinner is also included. However, it is customary to personally tip your guide and driver.

If you have a penchant for exploring restaurants in advance or proudly identify as a “foodie,” opting for a breakfast-only tour would be ideal. This option provides you with the liberty and flexibility to handpick your dining spots. Alternatively, selecting a half-board tour means our drivers will propose hygienic and delicious local eateries (aligned with the accommodation standards), allowing you to decide from these recommendations. We highly recommend dining in riads, renowned for serving some of the finest cuisines in Morocco.

Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages are part of the inclusive meal package, and you will also find bottled water available in your vehicle.

It is customary to show appreciation to your driver by providing a tip for their excellent service. Your driver plays a crucial role in enhancing your travel experience in this country. The tour price covers the car’s fuel, the driver’s accommodation and expenses, and all transportation services. Feel free to request our tipping guidelines from your sales representative to determine suitable amounts for various situations.

Only drivers whom we are familiar with and have faith in are part of our team. We have carefully selected drivers who are proficient in English and well-versed in Morocco and its various attractions that you will explore during your journey. They are enthusiastic about showcasing their country to you!

We will send you a document with instructions on how to meet up with your driver. If for some reason you have a problem finding him, please call the emergency number of our representative in Morocco. They will be sure to help you connect with him.

Typically not, although some of our drivers hold professional tour guide licenses as well. Your driver serves as your window into Morocco, readily sharing knowledge about Moroccan traditions and the historical significance of the locations en route. Within urban areas, we arrange for certified step-on guides to lead tours of the medina. These guides specialize in tourism, possessing the required licenses to guide clients to historical sites. It is legally prohibited for a driver to escort tourists to specific destinations.

The variation in pricing tiers stems from the varying levels of accommodations provided. Classic Comfort represents our 4-star tier, Affordable Luxury combines 4-star lodgings in select cities with 5-star options in others, while Deluxe Luxury guarantees 5-star or top-tier accommodations across all destinations. Given that our tours mostly include half-board meals, the dinner quality aligns with the booked accommodation level. Consequently, opting for a 5-star tour over a 4-star one will offer increased diversity in breakfast and dinner offerings.

Traveling to Morocco during the Ramadan period can have an impact on your experience. Lunchtime options may be limited as many restaurants remain closed during the day, and alcoholic beverages are generally unavailable. Additionally, shops tend to open later in the day, reflecting the shift in daily routines due to later nights during this time. Respectful behavior, such as refraining from eating and drinking in public, is appreciated even though tourists are not obliged to fast. To delve further into how Ramadan could influence your trip, check out our article on navigating Morocco during the Ramadan season.

Indeed, the majority of hotels and riads provide complimentary Wifi access to their guests. Alternatively, you can opt to buy a local SIM card and subscribe to a 3G data plan to stay connected during your travels. This way, you can utilize it on your mobile device whenever you are within a cellular network range and also share it as a hotspot for your laptop when necessary.

It is recommended to have your prescriptions with you in your carry-on luggage to ensure they are not misplaced during your journey. Consider packing remedies for common travel ailments and a basic medical kit with essentials like Ibuprofen, Benadryl, Pepto-Bismol, Imodium, antibiotic ointment, band-aids, hand sanitizer, and baby wipes when traveling abroad. Morocco has numerous “green cross” pharmacies, and most cities have medical facilities offering emergency care. Rest assured, you will have the contact information of our American Representative in Morocco for any assistance you may need during your trip. They are prepared and enthusiastic about helping you.

Moroccan cuisine is renowned for its use of fragrant spices such as cinnamon, ginger, saffron, cumin, and caraway, rather than relying on hot spices. Meals in Morocco are a delightful experience where one can expect to savor each bite and embrace a slower pace. Typically, Moroccans begin with an array of salads, both cooked and raw, elegantly presented on small plates before indulging in the main courses. The main dishes often include a tagine, a delectable stew enriched with meat, vegetables, and adorned with stewed dried fruits and almonds, alongside cous-cous, a succulent dish of finely ground semolina topped with beef and an assortment of vegetables, and perhaps even bastilla, an intricate and exotic meat pie. Desserts usually feature fresh fruits followed by sweet green tea infused with mint, culminating a harmonious dining experience.

For those seeking a broader culinary selection, major cities in Morocco offer a range of international cuisine options.

Feel free to inform us about any allergies or dietary requirements you may have. Below is some useful information for individuals following a vegan or vegetarian diet. Our team will make every effort to accommodate your needs and will ensure that this information is conveyed to your driver and accommodations. However, it’s important to note a few things. We cannot guarantee the absence of “traces” of nuts or other allergens in containers, bags, or kitchens. Please be aware that Morocco may not adhere to the same food safety standards as the United States and other countries. If someone in your group has a severe condition, it might be advisable to bring along suitable food items according to the severity of their allergies. Additionally, we have no control over the presence of insects you may encounter. Exercise caution if you find yourself in uncertain situations.

Restrooms can typically be located at train stations, restaurants, cafes, and certain petrol/gas stations. Western-style toilets are predominant in most tourist areas. If you’re traveling with a private driver, they’ll be familiar with the cleanest restroom spots. Moroccan restrooms, often known as “squatty potties,” usually don’t provide toilet paper, so carrying your own (available at local stores or ‘hanuts’) or buying small packs of Kleenex is advisable. Tipping the attendant a dirham or two per person using the restroom in public areas/restaurants/cafes is considered appropriate.


Feel free to ask us anything. We are here to help you and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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